About the project

Over the course of three years, DIEH, ETI-UK, BESTSELLER, Aalborg University, and the Danish Trade Union Federation, 3F have joined forces in a Danida Market Development Partnership to improve work environment, productivity, and social dialogue in the Myanmar garment sector

The overall objective of the project is to generate more decent jobs and increase added value for the Myanmar garment sector through participation on a global commercial platform. 

With an increase in decent jobs, more mature capabilities of local institutions and better quality of delivery from the supplier factories, the project can also bring about a more stable sourcing environment for BESTSELLER and other companies sourcing in Myanmar.

The project supports the on-going transition of Myanmar’s government that introduced several new labour laws, including the Labour Organisation Law 2011 legalizing union activities after over 40 years of prohibition and the Minimum Wages Law 2013.

Close collaboration with local stakeholders

The partner consortia has also engaged local trade unions and business associations in Myanmar to organise workers, strengthen know-how and build capacity throughout the scope of the project.

The project is carried out in close collaboration with selected local partners and stakeholders such as BESTSELLER’s suppliers, , Myanmar Industry Crafts and Services Union (MICS), The Industrial Workers Federation of Myanmar (IWFM), Myanmar Garment Manufactures Association (MGMA) as well as Yangon Technical University (YTU).