About the project

The objective of the MYPOD project is to improve the quality of jobs, create sustainable increased value addition and participation in the global garment value chain. The project was launched in 2017, and redesigned in 2020 to respond to developments in the industry and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

Project activities include training and capacity building on sector level of workers’ representatives, workers, factory management and industry stakeholders on freedom of association, social dialogue and occupational health and safety. The trainings will be developed together with trade union federations in Myanmar, and facilitated trough printed and digital media, as well as workshops.

Project activities are coordinated to contribute to ongoing initiatives in the Myanmar garment sector such as the implementation of the Myanmar Guideline on Freedom of Association (FOA) agreed in November 2019 by delegates of the Employer Working Group producing in Myanmar for ACT member brands and the Industrial Workers’ Federation of Myanmar (IWFM) affiliated to the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar (CTUM) and IndustriALL Global Union, as well as initiatives by the Myanmar Joint Action Group

As an outcome of the project, workers and employers can benefit from improved social dialogue capacity – also at sector level - where workers’ rights are more respected, workers’ health and safety are better protected, and work environment and productivity are improved – all of which contributes to more decent jobs.

Close collaboration with local stakeholders

The partner consortia has also engaged local trade unions and business associations in Myanmar to organise workers, strengthen know-how and build capacity throughout the scope of the project.

The project is carried out in close collaboration with selected local partners and stakeholders such as BESTSELLER’s suppliers, , Myanmar Industry Crafts and Services Union (MICS), The Industrial Workers Federation of Myanmar (IWFM), Myanmar Garment Manufactures Association (MGMA) as well as Yangon Technical University (YTU).