Improving occupational safety and health and social dialogue in Myanmar's garment industry.

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, (DIEH), Ethical Trading Initiative UK (ETI UK), BESTSELLER, the Danish Trade Federation – 3F and University of Southern Denmark (SDU) cooperate in a strategic partnership in Myanmar with funding from the Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) fund. The objective of the project is to strengthen productivity, work environment and social dialogue in Myanmar’s textile industry.

The project contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Economic growth and decent jobs, and in particular these targets:

  • 8.2: Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labour-intensive sectors”

  • 8.8: Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure work environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants, and those in precarious employment.

The project is expected to contribute to other SDGs as well, particularly Goal 5: Gender equality, Goal 1: Poverty reduction, Goal 12: Sustainable production and consumption, Goal 4: Quality education, Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure and for sure Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals.