First week of MYPOD baseline in Yangon

This week in Yangon has been very special for the MYPOD project that work to improve productivity, work environment and social dialogue in Myanmar's garment sector.  


MYPOD stands for Myanmar Productivity, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Dialogue in Myanmar's garment sector. The three year project is carried out in collaboration between Danish ETI, BESTSELLER, Aalborg University and 3F together with local stakeholders such as Yangon Technological University (YTU) and the two trade unions, MICS and IWFM. Over the course of three years, MYPOD strives to improve productivity, work environment and social dialogue in project factories from BESTSELLER's supplier base as well as locally owned factories in the industrial zones of Yangon.

Inception of MYPOD

MYPOD was launched in Yangon in December, 2017 after a four month inception phase, where we worked to finalise the project design, prepare the project factories and build the relationships to our local partners in Yangon. Since the launch, Aalborg University has trained professors, from YTU's textile engineering and mechanics departments, in lean productivity as well as occupational health and safety (OHS), which will enable the professors to collect baseline, identify challenges, analyse the challenges and suggest improvements to the project factories.

Baseline collection

This week, the Danish ETI and Aalborg University are in Yangon to kick-start the baseline collection for the first five project factories. The baseline is established by the professors from YTU and supported closely by Aalborg University. 

One clear conclusino from the collection of baseline is the relationship between OHS and productivity, and how these compenents both support and harm each other.