Project on social dialogue in Bangladesh ends - but the work continues

Since 2014 the Joint ETI has worked with improving social dialogue in Bangladesh’ garment sector. The project has been carried out in collaboration between the JETI, the Danish trade union federation 3F, the Danish Chamber of Commerce as well as 11 brands, whose supplier factories have participated in trainings on social dialogue.

24 factories have participated in the trainings with the purpose to raise awareness and knowledge on workers’ rights and employer/employee responsibilities in garment factories. The project activities have been funded by Danida until the end of 2017 and will continuously be funded by the Norwegian and British government.

One of the project outcomes is a toolkit that aims to share the experiences from the 24 participating factories to other factories with an interest in social dialogue. The project outcomes was presented at a major multistakeholder event in Dhaka, Bangladesh in December 2017, where brands, workers, trade unions, factory managers, and the employers association, BGMEA were among the participants.

Click here to see a video and learn more about the project.