New minimum wage in Myanmar

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 The National Committee for Minimum Wage in Myanmar approved a new basic daily minimum wage - a 33% raise from 3600 Kyat (2,7 USD) to 4800 Kyat (3,5 USD).

The negotiations of a new minimum wage have been requested by workers and Trade Union representatives since the former minimum wage was approved in 2012. The new minimum wage is lower than requested by the industry and workers, who have advocated a minimum wage with a daily rate of 5600-6000 Kyat in order to cover basic living costs, which are growing rapidly in cities like Yangon. 

The new minimum wage will officially take effect from the beginning of March after a 60 days period where public comments, suggestions or objections can be expressed to the state and regional committees. 

Read more about the new minimum wage in Myanmar Times from January 3.