New development project to strengthen production and social dialogue in Myanmar’s textile industry

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative,( DIEH), Ethical Trading Initiative UK, BESTSELLER, the Danish Trade Federation – 3F and Aalborg University have launched a new strategic partnership in Myanmar with funding from the Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) fund. The objective of the project is to strengthen productivity, work environment and social dialogue in Myanmar’s textile industry.

On Wednesday, December 6 2017 DIEH, BESTSELLER, Aalborg University, and the Danish Trade Union Federation, 3F, gathered companies and civil society organisations for the launch of a new strategic partnership that will contribute to improved production and worker conditions in Myanmar’s textile industry.

Among other things, the project includes training of textile workers and factory manager in Lean and social dialogue at 12 factories where clothing for BESTSELLER is produced. The purpose of the project is partly to improve efficiency, quality and work environment in textile production, partly to create awareness of human- and labour rights as well as social dialogue for the benefit of social and economic development in the industry. The results of the project will be used to develop a business case that will be disseminated to companies and employees across Myanmar’s textile industry. The project also contributes to the UN Sustianable Development Goals for social, economic and environmental development – in particular Global Goal #8, decent work and economic growth.

Aside from partners already mentioned, the project includes participation of the local trade unions, Industrial Workers Federation of Myanmar (IWFM) and Myanmar Infrastructure Crafts and Services Union (MICS)

The DMDP project will last three years and supports a larger democratic transition in Myanmar, including a long-term effort to create greater respect for human – and labour rights of textile workers in Myanmar and strengthen the global competitiveness of Myanmar’s textile production. 

Further information of the project to follow.