Improve local knowledge on ethical trade

The Local Resources Network (LRN) is a joint initiative of the Ethical Trading Initiatives of DK, Norway and UK. The LRN’s aim is to improve local knowledge and expertise on ethical trade, and to support local multi-stakeholder partnerships to share lessons and experience in managing human rights, environmental and social risks.

Why you should join as an advisor:

  • NGOs will benefit from joining the network by:

    - having the opportunity to network with other like-minded labour rights organisations in their own countries and beyond or with local trade unions working in similar projects, in order to leverage from each other network, contacts and expertise.

    - gaining the exposure to international sourcing companies or local employers, who seek support to implement capacity building projects in a specific country and getting involved in concrete labour rights improvement /capacity building projects.

    - build experience and know-how through the partnerships formed.
  • Local or international Trade Unions will benefit from joining the network by:

    - Having the opportunity to liaise with labour rights NGOs and other unions that can complement their work in the areas of labour rights (e.g. specific training) or with whom they can join forces to address the needs of a particular category of workers.

    - Having their contact available to local employers or international brands who intend to facilitate FOA within their workplace or their suppliers’ workplace
  • For profit advisors:

    - The network is an opportunity for local experts and individual consultants or local consultancies to gain international exposure vis-à-vis sourcing or producing companies (e.g. local employers) who need support to ensure good working conditions. The network also provides advisors (both companies and individuals) engaged in capacity building projects and research for their clients, the opportunity to link up with other likeminded local experts.


You should use the LRN platform if you are:

  • Sourcing companies: brands and retailers dedicated to improving labour standards in their supply chain who are seeking to link up with local experts to recommend to their suppliers as a result of social audits or assessment.
  • International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs): These are international non for profit organisations that are dedicated to improving labour standards, campaign in defense of workers or for improvement of working conditions or have such aim as one of their programme aims and intend to link up with local resources to enhance their in-country work in this area, fulfill research.
  • Local employers:  local producers and manufacturers operating in any sector that seek human resources, labour rights or business improvement support to improve working conditions  (this is a pending category that will be introduced in the future).

  • Academic institutions,  who want to provide their staff with information and contact with local experts to conduct research projects
  • Non multi-stakeholder membership organisations and trade associations who want to provide their members with opportunities to link up with local experts for one of the purposes mentioned above.

  • Multi-stakeholder membership organisations who want to provide their members with opportunities to link up with local experts for one of the purposes mentioned above.

Learn more about the LRN here