JETI - Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives

JETI is a strategic collaboration between the Ethical Trading Initiative, UK, the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and the Ethical Trading Initiative in Norway.

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The first year of MYPOD

By Ms. NuNu Hlaing, Local Project Coordinator in Myanmar.

The three-year MYPOD project was commenced in August 2017 with the aim of improving the work environment, increasing productivity and occupational health and safety, and enhancing worker relation through dialogue in selected factories for the project in Myanmar’s garment sector.

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Improvements on ethical compliance in Bangladesh’ garment sector

AsiaInspection’s first quarterly report of 2018 show improvements on ethic compliance in Bangladesh’ garment sector. The improvements likely reflect the pressure from the industry that has been put on textile and apparel manufacturers in Bangladesh, particularly since the tragic Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, where more than 1100 workers lost their lives.

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Project on social dialogue in Bangladesh ends - but the work continues

Since 2014 the Joint ETI has worked with improving social dialogue in Bangladesh’ garment sector. The project has been carried out in collaboration between the JETI, the Danish trade union federation 3F, the Danish Chamber of Commerce as well as 11 brands, whose supplier factories have participated in trainings on social dialogue.

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New development project to strengthen production and social dialogue in Myanmar’s textile industry

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative,( DIEH), Ethical Trading Initiative UK, BESTSELLER, the Danish Trade Federation – 3F and Aalborg University have launched a new strategic partnership in Myanmar with funding from the Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) fund. The objective of the project is to strengthen productivity, work environment and social dialogue in Myanmar’s textile industry.

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Improving productivity, quality and working conditions in Myanmar's garment industry

The Danish partners, Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH), BESTSELLER, the Danish Trade Union Federation, 3F and Aalborg University are pleased to be one in five partner consortia that has received an invitation by DANIDA to proceed with the development of a full project under the new DANIDA Market Development Partnership. 

The goal of the partnership is to improve productivity, quality and working conditions in the Myanmar garment industry

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Danida Market Development Partnerships

DIEH, IEH, ETI, AAUBestseller and 3F is pround to be one of the five partner consortia that has been invited to proceed with the development of a three-year Danida funded project in Myanmar.

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MYPOD: Improving productivity, work environment and social dialogue in Myanmar's garment sector

MYPOD aims to generate more decent jobs, sustainable increased value addition and participation in the Myanmar garment sector through improved work environment, productivity and social dialogue in Myanmar's garment sector.

Responsible Garment and Textile Production in Bangladesh

This multi-stakeholder partnership highlights the complexities of ethical issues in the textile and garment industry and how these can be addressed through social dialogue. The initiative demonstrates how scalable, sustainable solutions created through a multi-stakeholder collaboration effort can be developed for the benefit of thousands of textile workers in the RMG industry.


JETI Guide to Buying Responsibly

JETI Guidance for companies on purchasing practices, drawing on the findings of a collaborative supplier survey run in partnership between the joint ethical trading initiatives and the ILO, with support from SEDEX. The guide includes best practice examples and outlines the five key business practices that influence wages and working conditions.